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Our Founders
The partnership of D&V Distributing Company was established in July of 1961. The original partners were Hazel Oliver, Jane and David Bailey, and Margaret and Vic Mclean. Except for reason of death, the original partnership along with next generation family members are still together and flourishing to this day. Mike Williams joined the company as President in 2003 and has been instrumental in growing market share and profit every year. D&V Distributing has grow steadily for over 50 years because of respect and dedication not only for our management team but also for each individual employee.
Our colleagues of distilleries and wineries are another significant reason for success and growth and are considered our business partners in every way. Brown-Forman Distillery has been with us since our doors opened in 1961. As D&V Distributing embarks with the next generation of family owners, we want to always be aware of the original Bailey and McLean families' direction of growth and tradition.

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